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Nationwide, Allied Insurance win Celent Model Insurer Award

Nationwide and Allied Insurance partner with Infosys to develop award-winning applications

In 2011, two clients, Nationwide and Allied Insurance were honored with the Celent Model Insurer 2011 Award for effective use of technology in the insurance sector. They won the recognition for ‘best practices in IT infrastructure and management resulting in performance improvement and competitiveness.’

The Infosys Efficient Sales Reporting Application for Nationwide

Nationwide, a large property and casualty insurer in the U.S., was constrained by a weak sales reporting function that lacked transparency, an obsolete presentation format, and generated high inquiry / support calls. The company, in conjunction with Infosys, built a revenue connection application to address the situation.

Key success metrics of the project included:

  • Complete, accurate, and timely delivery of sales data and analytics
  • Sales dashboards with a 360-degree view of sales data
  • Enhanced drill-down capability with a performance view to a specific policy or claim level

Download the complete report (Registration required)

The Infosys Efficient Agency Management Interface for Allied Insurance

Allied Insurance, a division of Nationwide, sells business products through a large network of independent agents. The division lacked real-time workflows for quotes and policy inquiries resulting in lengthy service delays. In association with Infosys, the company developed Agency Management Interface (AMI), a suite of batch and real-time applications to interface with agent management systems and various corporate applications such as policy, billing, claims, and commissions.

Key success metrics of the project included:

  • Extensive use of ACORD standards facilitating easy information exchange
  • Productivity savings with each transaction performed in the system
  • Significant time savings

Download the complete report (Registration required)
Reproduced with the permission of Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman Inc.

Success record

Infosys develops cutting-edge solutions for customers:

  • 2011: Celent, a research and advisory firm, honored Nationwide and Allied Insurance with the Model Insurer Award for efficient revenue connection application and efficient agency management interface,
  • 2010: Celent honored the test automation framework of PMI Mortgage Insurance Co., with the Model Insurer Award
  • 2009: Celent recognized an Infosys client's testing framework as a Model Carrier Component
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