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Infosys Legacy Modernization Framework enables modernization, and accelerated time to market at a reduced cost. Our proven framework follows a phased implementation approach, while reducing risks.

The best practices of our Legacy Modernization Framework include:

  • Assessment of application portfolio through top-down business and technology maps and bottom-up code analysis
  • Solution definition through tailored service-oriented architecture (SOA) and detailed asset analysis
  • Reverse engineering followed by forward engineering
Challenge Solution Benefit
High mainframe license costs Re-engineered portfolio of applications on a new platform with lesser costs Cost reduction
Disparate applications lead to integration challenges; not scalable for future business needs Rationalized IT portfolio with new applications built on a scalable platform using SOA Scalable applications reducing costs for new go to market features
Shortage of support staff in legacy technologies Modern systems with new technology and better developer productivity tools Availability of technology skill sets


  • A well-defined migration process with reduced risks
  • Improves business and operational efficiency through high return on investment
  • Rationalized IT portfolio on a scalable platform
  • Capable IT partner that understands workstreams and domains
  • Achieves close coordination between IT and business functions
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