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Building tomorrow's media and entertainment enterprise

Today, media and entertainment enterprises are navigating some of the biggest shifts ever witnessed in technology, culture and business models – from adoption to preference, from fragmented audiences to convergent industries, from emerging economies to game-changing new players.

Embracing technology and business forces that create this shift will help tomorrow’s enterprises lead the 'digital evolution' and stay strong – creatively and financially.

Challenges and opportunities

Protecting intellectual property rights (IPR): Today's digital media ecosystems have created roadblocks in intellectual property management (IPM) and royalties; calculations and payments are more complex than ever. The result? A bottom-line disadvantage – which can be turned around with technology solutions that help safeguard, manage, and monetize assets.

Rise in consumption of digital media: From the XY generation that wants to watch TV shows online, to the mature banker who likes his investment updates on his smartphone – content needs to be delivered on platforms that match the consumer's lifestyle. With increased pressure to deliver across multiple channels, enterprises with the right mix of relevant IT infrastructures and sustainable solutions – across the content supply chain – will ride the digital tide.

Consumer insight and understanding: With increased industry fragmentation and consumer maturity, today's trends could be tomorrow's mainstays. There's a thin line between redundant and relevant – which calls for powerful analytics to predict the 'where, what and why' of consumer needs. Analytics empower enterprises with business-impacting information about the right demographics and consumer behavior patterns to plan their strategies for increased profitability and market share.

How Infosys delivers business value

Today, some of the most creative minds in media and entertainment leverage our expertise in consulting, technology, and sourcing to create long-term value for their customers. With relevant strategies, solutions and services, we address their unique challenges in three ways – business transformation, accelerating innovation, and efficient operations.

Infosys - Delivers Business Value through Media and Entertainment Solutions 

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