Oil and Gas

Case Studies

Portfolio analysis for an oil industry major

The client

One of the world's leading energy companies wanted to understand the application portfolio for one of its units to rationalize costs.

Business need

The key business drivers were:

  • To create an inventory of its applications and infrastructure
  • Assess its current portfolio of applications and infrastructure to achieve significant reduction in operation costs
  • The information gathered was to be used in creating a strategy for reducing operating costs and exploring outsourcing opportunities


The key challenges were:

  • A number of legacy applications with lack of documentation
  • No method existed to determine the applications and infrastructure components that were currently being used and the ones that were sunset
  • No clearly defined processes, guidelines of the required service levels
  • Lack of information on effort and cost of support

Our solution

Using our proven portfolio analysis methodology, Infosys did a quick analysis of the existing systems. Our data gathering templates were customized for the customer and used in the engagement. This involved coordination of a large set of information sources and subject matter experts. Individual interviews were carried out with various stakeholders to gather complete information.


The engagement deliverable consisted of:

  • Inventory of all applications and infrastructure components
  • Data on current effort spent
  • Consolidated data of current support requirements (SLAs, process etc.)
  • Suggested way forward for reducing the operating costs

The deliverables enabled the IT department to get a handle on its costs and returns. The client also benefited with the Infosys experiences of analysis of the processes, and was able to absorb them in its standard processes.

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