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Seismic data management solution based on new technologies and frameworks

The client

The client is one of the world's largest oil field services companies. The company provides a full range of oil and gas services, including seismic surveys, drilling, wire line logging, well construction and completion, and project management. It also provides reservoir evaluation, reservoir development, and reservoir management services. It is working towards developing new technologies for reservoir optimization.

Business need

The client wanted to integrate existing products on seismic data management and cover them all through one single product. Further, this product would need to fall in line with the client’s vision of providing a uniform suite of solutions and would be based on the new technologies and frameworks adopted to achieve this vision.


The main challenge was to combine latest technologies and identify frameworks. A wide range of technologies and products had to be integrated. Additionally, the client’s requirements were not frozen that called for effective requirements change management. The project had to be managed in real-time concurrently with the development of third-party products.

Our solution

  • The client and Infosys closely partnered in the program management and development of the product.
  • Infosys assisted in creating the vision of the new product and helped the client in planning and prioritizing the requirements. The planning involved the synchronization of project milestones with third-party product milestones, some of them undergoing development. We also assisted the client in integrating these third-party products.
  • Infosys assisted in identifying the right technologies and methodologies for each business case through elaboration. Spatial data was elaborated using ArcSDE Spatial Engine with varied configurations. Data synchronization requirement was elaborated using varied tools such as Oracle XML Package, Data Transfer Manager, and custom-built solution. The codebase was 'baselined' to suit current requirements. Infosys created screen shots and story boards for UI-intensive components. Infosys also developed and tested the components.


The Infosys experience on spatial storage, map projections, and pilot-driven methodology helped the client in reducing the 'time-to-market' as well as reducing the 'technology risk.’ The development effort was reduced with reuse and re-factoring of existing codebase.

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