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BPM for structural integrity management in the Oil and Gas industry

Structural integrity management (SIM) is an ongoing process to ensure continued fitness-for-purpose of offshore structures such as pipelines, wells, and ...


Oilfield asset management: Equipment track and trace with RFID-SAP integration

The oilfield equipment supply chain is grappling with challenges posed by new regulations, operational inefficiency, lack of visibility, and the pressure to increase ...


Architecting the real-time enterprise: Digital oil fields

Digital oil field (DOF) enables improved asset performance by being proactive to events and activities. The chapter in this book (page 11) will examine the role of DOFs in a real-time enterprise (RTE) through ...


Safety in the Digital Oilfield: A System Integrator's View

Safety of operations is an important aspect of Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) in the oil and gas industry. Infosys' expert demonstrates how IT solutions help improve safety in a digital oilfield by sharing data about safety across organizations....

Published with the permission of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)


Information Technology Services for the Big Crew Change: An Indian IT Services Perspective

Global Exploration and Production (E&P) companies are outsourcing IT activities to India and other countries where there is a talent surplus. Earlier, IT outsourcing was adopted as a cost-cutting measure. Today, enterprises realize...


Workover Rig Scheduling using Reservoir Simulation

Reservoir simulation as a tool for rig planning and scheduling facilitates better integration of processes across reservoir engineering, planning and operations teams. In this white paper, Infosys' expert discusses the results of a prototype...


Next-Generation Refinery Scheduling

Refinery scheduling is a critical link in implementing a refinery operation plan. Several scheduling tools and applications are available in the market. Next-generation scheduling solutions must go beyond modern scheduling products.

Originally appeared in Hydrocarbon Processing. September 2006 issue. Used with permission. www.HydrocarbonProcessing.com


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