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Rethinking retail study

The growth and maturity of digital channels have steadily increased the expectations of consumers. A recently conducted Infosys study...

Shrinking mainframe operating costs – A holistic approach

Mainframe environments typically consume 10 – 40 percent of a company’s IT budget. Today companies face tighter operating margins, increased ...

The big opportunity for retail along the digital breadcrumb trail

With the retail sector under massive pressure, are you overlooking a hidden goldmine? Vishnu Bhat discusses how to use big data to uncover the “dark secret” of retail.

Published with permission of RetailBiz

Impactful new product launch – How to make the most of the “moments of truth”

There is plenty of statistics to show how new product launches face innumerable challenges despite huge investments and backing. What then are the factors for success while launching a new product?

Published with permission of CGT

From footfalls to eyeballs and walk-ins to log-ins − are you there yet?

Tough economic environment coupled with consumers seeking more value for money is eating into retailer’s profit. Retailers are...

Opportunities galore for retailers through analytics

Peter Sieyes, AVP of consumer marketing and innovation, Infosys, highlights the importance of analytics for marketers and retailers to succeed on Cyber Monday. Peter's article appeared in Brand Republic – a top-tier marketing title.

Published with permission of Brand Republic

A look at some of the most effective ways to build brands in the digital world

Internet Retailing magazine in its November issue mentions Diageo's centralized digital marketing platform (built, hosted and managed by Infosys) as a best practice in digital marketing.

Published with permission of Internet Retailing

Maximizing return on investment from mobile marketing

While companies want greater returns from their investments in mobile marketing, their structures to measure these returns remain ambiguous.

Published with permission of The Marketer

Gear Up for m-Commerce with a Stronger Supply Chain

With mobile devices revolutionizing the retail arena, mobile shopping has transformed commerce. While retailers race to exploit this channel, it is important to remember the level of complexity that m-commerce will add to their supply chains.

Published with permission of Internet Retailing

Smart retailers up their game in response to the "Gang of Four"

Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (the “Gang of Four”) have revolutionized our shopping habits and have become an inherent part of our everyday life. These and other pioneering companies have changed...

Published with permission of BBC

The Evolution of High Street Retailing

Over time, retail in the high street has been refashioned by various factors — omni-channel retailing, the data revolution, and the era of globalization.

Published with permission of Retail Gazette

Mobile Payments – Barriers to Adoption and Potential

Mobility is turning into a global phenomenon. Mobiles are becoming a predominant medium for interaction with customers, and consequently, mobile payment has...

Published with permission of The Retail Bulletin

Considerations in Moving Core Retail Systems to the Cloud

Cloud technology is doubtless an opportunity for retailers to make their business more consumer-centric and drive business even more. In fact, retailers are already...

Published with permission of Business Cloud News

Can E-Wallets Drive Consumer Loyalty and Growth?

With phenomenal increase in mobility and its use in transactions, retailers have lots to gain by implementing technologies that enable...

Published with permission of Internet Retailing

Look at the Retail Value Chain through the Prism of Sustainability

Ethical sourcing, ‘green’ packaging, cloud-based data management, and optimization of supply chain logistics are imperatives for sustainable retailing.

Published with permission of Retail Design and Technology (Article in January 2012 issue, pages 29-30)

Brick Meets Click: Lessons for the Retailers

Infosys' expert discusses how retailers can keep up with Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, also branded as Gang of Four (GO4). New strategies in retail must incorporate intelligent marketing services, disintermediation of the value chain and Business - Technology Shared Services.

Published with permission of Internet Retailing

Innovation Inside: Embedded Knowledge Accelerates Product Development

Knowledge-based Engineering (KBE) systems help retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies accelerate innovation from concept-to-market by reusing knowledge about products.

Outsource Supply Chain Operations to Outperform

Contract manufacturing and packaging improve productivity and operational efficiency of the retail supply chain.

Serve Customers Better with Shared Services

A shared services model for customer management drives operational excellence and increases revenue, according to Infosys' expert.

Published with permission of

Offer the Shopping Cart on the Mobile Phone

Retailers can enhance the shopping experience and ensure customer loyalty by connecting the physical and online retail stores.

Published with permission of Retail TouchPoints

A Slice of Statistics for Enhanced Store Clustering

Retailers adopt store clustering to plan assortments, and implement an effective merchandising strategy. According to Infosys' expert, retailers must adopt an analytics-based approach to standardize assortments...

An Agile BI Program, the Starting Point of Effective Decisions

An agile Business Intelligence (BI) program that aligns with business goals and leverages existing data can deliver a competitive advantage to retail and consumer packaged goods companies.

Published with permission of

Moments of Truth - The Sweet Spot for Effective Marketing

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) must adopt strategies and new technologies to engage digital consumers and improve the effectiveness of digital campaigns, according to Infosys’ experts.

Prepare for the Upturn with Smart Merchandising

Grocery retailers can gain market share and improve customer loyalty through effective merchandising strategies.

ShoppingTrip360: Designed for Smarter Retailing

Infosys' ShoppingTrip360 provides consumer insights and business intelligence that open up opportunities to grow sales, according to leading industry publications. The service gauges the effectiveness of in-store marketing campaigns while measuring consumer response to...

Published with permission of

Nine Mantras to Navigate a Downturn

Apparel retailers can convert adversity into opportunity by selling products to well-informed, demanding and technology-savvy consumers. In an article published in, Infosys’ experts focus on emerging trends and discuss strategies to navigate a downturn.

Published with permission of Apparel Magazine

Does your RFID Application Boost Sales?

Infosys is at the forefront of retail business solutions. RFID Journal highlighted our solution in an article on new product developments in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Published with permission of RFID Journal

RFID: Out-of-the-box, in the Car Park

Infosys is pushing the envelope in radio frequency identification (RFID). CRM Buyer published an article on how we eased congestion at our multi-level car park in Bangalore with an RFID ...

Published with permission of

Testing RFID on Cars before Rollout

Infosys tests thoroughly before launch, often using real-world facilities. RFID Journal published an article on how we use our car park as a 'live-lab' environment....

Published with permission of RFID Journal

Maximize Product Lifecycle Management for Product Development published a story on the benefits of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). According to Infosys' retail and consumer packaged goods expert, ...

Published with permission of Multichannel Merchant

Delight Customers at the Point of Purchase highlighted two apparel-specific radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions of Infosys: Smart Visual Merchandising and Intelligent Laboratory for Inspiration & Design. ...

Published with permission of Apparel Magazine

The Next Frontier for Trade Promotion Management

Consumer Packaged Goods companies can capitalize on outsourcing to transform Trade Promotion Management. Infosys' experts believe that IT solutions can help better serve consumers, reduce costs, forecast and reconcile spending more accurately.

Published with permission of Journal of Trading Partner Practices

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