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How we deliver business value to retail enterprises

Whether it's fashioning your existing IT landscape to meet new realities, making your presence felt across channels or addressing the growing consumer need for self-service, Infosys can help you on your journey. Today, our clients partner with us to integrate mobility and new technology into their multi-channel commerce strategies. Our solutions breathe new life into their initiatives, empowering them to deliver a stellar consumer experience, and achieve remarkable results in product design collaboration, co-creation and consumer delight.

At Infosys, our domain experts ask themselves, "Is retail today being all it can be?" They’re focusing their energies on putting the sting in "e-tail" and adding the human touch to "me-tail". And adding value at every step of the way from source to shelf in three key areas:

Business Transformation: In addition to expertise in package implementation and infrastructure modernization, Infosys helps retail companies transform their consumer experience and supply chain systems with solutions like Next Generation Commerce and Logistics Optimization.

Accelerating Innovation: Retailers have redefined their customer-centricity and made their digital commerce more effective with leading-edge Infosys solutions like ShoppingTrip360 and Smart Visual Merchandising. They also harness Infosys SocialEdge™ Platform to influence sales and gain deeper insight into consumer behavior — what they’re buying, what they’re browsing and what they’re ignoring.

Efficient Operations: Infosys helps improve efficiency in organizations through its competencies in improving supply chain efficiencies, reducing interdependencies and making account maintenance more effective.


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