White Papers

Responsive supply chain

Retail footwear and apparel businesses realize that inventory freshness has become extremely important. In order to meet consumer needs, enterprises must be able to read market shifts and supply chain...


Influencing the purchase journey of millennial shoppers

The millennial shopping experience offers interactive storefronts, products catalogs on a smart phone, and digital currency. More importantly, millennials seek...


Delivering on innovation – the how

Retailing has always been about serving customers’ needs and wants – stated and unstated. However, most retailers...


Be quick on the draw – a roadmap to develop a customer analytics ecosystem to win in omni-channel retail

Retailers must build a customer analytics ecosystem to understand the omni-channel needs of their customers and derive effective consumer...


The smart store of the future – powered by faster, cheaper and efficient IT

To drive personalization profitably, retailers are investing in enabling their brick and mortar stores digitally – with mobile POS, kiosks, and wireless capability in the store. This shift to...


Enabling targeted marketing in grocery

Grocers are transitioning from aggregated demand-driven decision making to a more personalized, omni-channel approach that engages their consumers better. While well-integrated...


Unlock value through analytics-driven insight and action

The growth in online shopping, the explosion of smartphones in emerging markets and the thinning lines between privacy and openness on social media networks are trends that define today’s connected world. The gold rush is...


Catch on with the omni-channel customer

In the digital world, understanding your consumer is a critical success factor. Targeting appropriate products, services, and campaigns that are relevant to the individual consumer enables faster sale and more effective use of an organization’s...


Supply chain traceability with RFID and SAP

This paper examines how data amassed from RFID infrastructure can be integrated with enterprise systems using SAP Object Event Repository (OER) for...


Fast-tracking your business: Get freedom from focusing on the fringe

Today’s business landscape is competitive, demanding, and unrelenting. Your customers are technology savvy; they know their needs well. High levels of service are now basic expectations while customer ...


Harnessing the power of big data – big opportunity for retailers to win customers

Organizations are producing large volumes of data across the supply chain and at various customer touchpoints. At the same time, there is this exceptionally large volume...


Enterprise Mobility with Sybase Unwired Platform

Many organizations face the need to make an important decision of choosing the right development approach after selecting a mobile platform like SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform). While there...


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