Case Studies

Automation of Incident Management System for a large utility

Infosys partnered with a large electric utility to manage its AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) metering and communications network, reliably and efficiently. The Infosys solution helped...

Real-time data on tap

Anglian Water chooses Infosys to help the water utility use every drop of data with a pioneering enterprise content management system.

Getting smart with customer experience

Egil Brækken, CIO, discusses how Infosys is helping Hafslund improve customer management through self-service and streamlining processes, and how Infosys partnered with Hafslund...

Sustainability Reporting System

Infosys helped a global energy company develop and implement an Environment, Health, Safety and Social Responsibility (EHS & SR) system. Infosys’ role involved requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, warranty support, and enhancement...

Evolving Customer Self-service Portal

A leading US gas distribution company sought to improve customer engagement with provision of self-service features over web. After partnering with Infosys...

State-of-the-art Website for Smart Connect Customers

A leading U.S. utility company sought to improve customer engagement by enhancing web self-service features with provision of additional features for Smart Connect Customers. It also aimed at providing energy analysis tools to customers...

Customer Service Integration

A leading U.S. utility company sought to integrate its customer service operations and systems across four subsidiaries. With Infosys' solution, the client was able to reduce operation...

Re-architecting Web Self-Service Portal

A leading U.S. utility was facing challenges in scaling up its web portal to meet customer demands. Infosys enabled implementation of a flexible, scalable SOA website that provides real-time data to customers.

CIS Modernization Assessment for AMI Implementation

A leading North American investor-owned utility had to revamp its Customer Information System (CIS) for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation. The utility partnered with Infosys for the assessment workshop...

Global Power and Automation Major

The client is a multinational corporation headquartered in Switzerland, operating mainly in the power and automation technology areas. The client was looking for an implementation partner to completely...

Integration of the CIS System of a Large Western Utility with Multiple AMI Systems and an MDM System

A leading North American electric company sought to integrate its CIS system with multiple AMI and MDM systems. Infosys’ solution helped the company define the integration architecture and business processes required to enhance business...

SAP Transformation Project for a Leading Utilities Company

Infosys streamlined the business processes of one of the largest electric utilities in California with SAP. Our approach enabled the company to manage its core business efficiently and provide better customer service.

SAP Maintenance and Support for Utilities Major in The Netherlands

A leading Dutch utility partnered with Infosys to maintain and support its SAP applications. Infosys transformed the client's IT operations with migration to Managed Services in a phased manner.

Implementation of an Advanced Metering System and Integration

Infosys partnered with a leading utility company to implement a real-time Metering system and develop AMI applications such as load curtailment, demand response and web-based analytical applications for major customers, usage, cost and bill analysis.

Application Development and Maintenance for a Leading AMI Product Vendor

Infosys partnered with a leading AMI vendor to develop multiple AMI products, implement AMI products at various client locations and undertake systems integration of AMI products with existing legacy applications.

MDM Product Development and Benchmark Testing

Infosys partnered with a leading AMI MDM vendor to develop Meter Data Management products, deploy AMI applications such as Load Curtailment and Customer Service applications and undertake benchmark testing of 5 million interval meters.

CRM Framework to Improve Customer Service

The client, a leading electric utility company in the US, partnered with Infosys to develop a sustainable process to improve and measure customer satisfaction.

Call Work Optimization and CTI Implementation to Improve Customer Service

A leading utility company sought to improve the productivity of its call service representatives by improving the design of workstation applications. It also wanted to integrate computer telephony to reduce the duration of calls....

Call Handling Optimization

A leading South-Western US electric utility company implemented a customized GUI-based customer information system. The enterprise-wide application was rich in functionality, but it was not conducive to workflow in...

Customer Service Application Readies Utility Major for Market Changes

With deregulation of utility markets just six months away, a utility company needed another year to replace its old legacy system. Infosys developed a CRM-focused system using...

Production Support and Maintenance of Customer Information Systems

The client wanted to execute production support and maintenance of its applications after successful replacement of its legacy CIS system with a distributed customer service system based on a relational database.

Defining Document Management Solution

The client, a leading insurance company, felt that business growth was threatened by increase in its operating costs. The company identified business processes and workflow for efficient management of...

Development of Project Portfolio Management Processes

The client is a leading electric utility company in the US. The company could not satisfy demand for resources to meet business needs. There was little accountability for benefits claimed by sponsors during...

Defining Roadmap to Align Technology Assets with Current and Future Business Needs

A large electric utility in western U.S. was saddled with multiple aging applications with high maintenance costs. It required a systematic approach to manage the applications. Infosys enabled...

Defining Talent and Performance Management Framework

The client is a leading electric utility with more than 12,000 employees. The company needed to manage IT workforce capabilities to ensure availability of competencies and alignment of capabilities with business...

Shared Service Offerings

The client is a leading electric utility company in the US. The company faced business issues as a result of different shared service departments such as Finance, HR, and Legal. Infosys provided shared...

Passport Implementation - Transition from Legacy System to a New Work Management System

The client, a Fortune 500 company, is a major electric utility that distributes and supplies electricity to a wide range of customers including domestic customers and medium/ large commercial and industrial...

Design and Development of a Pricing Tool for Transmission and Distribution Operations

The client, a West Coast-based electric utility, faced a lot of operational challenges with its disparate and antiquated work management systems. The company sought a scalable architecture compatible with...

Mobile Enablement of Transmission and Distribution Operations

The client is a leading electric utility company in the US. Its applications in field tools were not based on standard architecture and lacked consistency. The company sought a common mobility architecture...

Automation of Field Force Service Operations

The client, a leading utility company in the US, wanted to integrate MDSI's Advantex with messaging technology over a wireless network to connect FSRs to the field order system in real-time or near real-time.

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