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Infosys – key considerations for coping with unpredictable weather

An Infosys perspective was recently published in The ModernUtility Management – November 2013 edition. The article discusses key factors that are crucial to consider for addressing unpredictable weather in UK. It throws new light on ways to save water and also provides impactful solutions to making the best use of limited resources, while reducing risks and costs.

Published with permission from ModernUtility Management

Infosys – key considerations for implementing smart grids

The November 2013 edition of UtilityWeek features an Infosys perspective on key factors that are crucial to consider for smart grid implementation. The write-up provides a detailed description of the benefits that can be obtained from them.

Published with the permission of UtilityWeek

Transforming in a new era: 5 utilities trends for 2013

From customer experience and smart meters to modernizing customer information systems, read about the trends that are keys to success in the new utilities business landscape.

Utilities Imperative: Customer Service that Flows like Water

Web portals for straight through processing of transactions help water utilities provide a consistent customer experience.

The article was first published in Utility Week of 25 Nov. 2011

A Secure Information Grid for Smart Utilities

Infosys’ expert proposes a cryptographic solution based on asymmetric keys to secure customer data in a smart grid.

Published with permission of Energy Central

The Grid Gets Smarter with Predictive Analytics

SOA-based analytical solutions help utilities take informed decisions for enhanced operational efficiency, customer service and asset utilization.

Published with permission of EnergyPulse

Integrate Data for Service Innovation

Pre-configured package solutions integrate meter-to-cash and customer service processes to address challenges in customer care and regulatory compliance.

Automate Distribution for Uninterrupted Supply of Gas

Proactive leak management helps gas utilities ensure uninterrupted supply and comply with regulation.

Published with permission of Pipeline & Gas Journal

Smart Grids Need Intelligent Distribution

Smart meters must be integrated with advanced distribution automation applications to implement the smart grid, according to Infosys’ expert.

Published with permission of EnergyPulse

Microgrid gets Smarter with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial neural networks provide convenient and robust techniques for secure, economic and efficient operation of microgrids.

Published with permission of EnergyPulse

The Grid is only as Smart as its Distribution

Utilities must focus on smarter distribution operations to realize the benefits of their advanced metering and grid infrastructure.

Published with the permission of EnergyPulse

Smarter Grids Save Power and the Environment

Utilities can improve operations and reduce their carbon footprint with robust systems for asset and data management.

Autopilot: Manage Utility Projects with Oracle e-Business Suite

The dynamic landscape in utilities demands better risk management and accelerated time-to-market. Infosys' experts blog on addressing project challenges by capitalizing on the Oracle e-Business Suite.

Engage Customers for a Smart Grid Transformation

Utilities must adopt innovative practices across channels to improve the quality of service, reduce costs, enhance the customer experience, and manage energy demand through advanced metering programs.

Published with the permission of EnergyPulse

Step up to a Smarter Grid and Geographic Information System

Utilities can extract maximum value from their Geographic Information System (GIS) programs by prioritizing key areas of implementation. In a presentation at DistribuTECH 2009, Infosys' experts proposed a three-step approach to ensure ...

From Regulation to Reinvention: A Smart Grid Road Map

Infosys' experts consider regulatory compliance as an opportunity to implement Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Meter Data Management (MDM) systems. It will ensure the transformation of operations and development of innovative services.

Engage Customers with Web 2.0

The Internet offers infinite possibilities for utilities. Web 2.0 enables self-service, customer participation and generates revenue through social networking and social commerce.

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