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How we deliver value to utilities enterprises

When clients partner with Infosys, we help them solve their most complex challenges with our vast domain expertise across the utilities value chain. Our 3,500-strong utilities practice – with over 10 years of smart grid experience – leverages strong alliances with IT partners to create the best-of-breed solutions for the utilities industry.

Infosys takes partnerships to the next level, working with enterprises to optimize energy production across renewable generation assets; and also helps balance water, gas and electricity distribution with the right tools. Our industry-leading strengths in smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure enable us to focus on transformational initiatives in customer engagement, advanced metering, meter data management, data visualization, and sustainability.

Business transformation: With a knowledge-driven approach, Infosys helps enterprises evolve their analog utility of the past to the digital utility of the future. Our solutions like Infosys Demand Side Management, and Demand Response, and Data Analytics create production and usage visualization to transform consumption and production patterns.

We effect transformation through technology rationalization, and by enhancing existing business systems while integrating them with new technology to deliver security, reliability, and energy efficiency. Add to this our tools, accelerators, repeatable processes, and business process frameworks; and a large transformation is no longer an inefficient process – it is optimized.

Accelerating innovation: Infosys works closely with clients to address evolving consumer and business needs – empowering utilities consumers and exceeding their expectations with solutions like Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager and Demand Response. With seamless integration, targeted solutions, and new technologies, Infosys transforms customer experience and enables better enterprise-consumer collaboration.

Efficient optimization: Today, we are helping enterprises shift the utilities relationship to multiple stakeholders who are empowered to create, manage, and optimize resource allocation. Making this change possible are our solutions – Infosys Demand Response, Infosys Demand Side Management, and Infosys Grid Man. Using data visualization and analytics to optimize businesses is one of our key strengths – we create master data management systems governed by discipline and visualization tools, such as Infosys Smart Integrator and Infosys Grid Man.

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