White Papers

The Effect of Offshore Wind and Photovoltaic Solar Growth on European Energy Market Trading and Operations

With European governments seemingly outdoing each other in the race to promote renewable energy and make the leap to carbon-neutral...


Configuration, Change and Release Management (CCRM) Services on Cloud: Benefits of Private Cloud for CCRM Services

Software configuration, change and release management services, provided in a conventional environment, have their limitations. As utility enterprises...


Promise of AMI Future of Utility

The paper discusses the benefits of AMI technology and builds a business case for AMI implementation despite significantly higher investment compared to a traditional AMR setup. It focuses on the crucial role...


GIS as User Interface for Asset Management

GIS has a unique place in the utility industry. Different parts of an organization use GIS for different purposes. For instance, the generation group uses GIS to display and manage the generation network and transmission...


Regulatory Approach to AMI Implementation

Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) implementation was encouraged by the Energy Policy Act 2005 in the United States and the Department of Infrastructure in Victoria, Australia. Thereafter, utilities commissioned pilot...


Plugging Revenue Leakage in the Utility Industry

Utilities are under pressure from stakeholders to improve performance despite increasing costs, regulatory pressures and enhanced customer expectations. The industry landscape...


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