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Innovation Co-creation

Innovation Co-creation Lifecycle

At Infosys Labs, co-creation with partners, academics, and customers sits at the core of innovations in emerging technologies to Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise. We manage the present while selectively forgetting the past, to create the future. With a defined ideation framework and a robust platform, through which members of the co-creation ecosystem can connect, collaborate, and share ideas, we harness strengths in research and development to accelerate innovation, optimize operations, and transform business outcomes. We have successfully implemented several interesting co-creation models with a clear vision of joint investments, opportunities, and outcomes.

Infosys Labstorm is the innovation co-creation platform of Infosys. It is a rich media destination for Infosys clients and other stakeholders to experience tangible innovations and research concepts from Infosys and its partners. It enables collaboration and facilitates co-creation of ideas and innovative solutions among its community of users.

With access to Infosys Labstorm, a client CXO is transported to our world of innovations – real, tangible, and inspired. As the CXO checks a video or a demonstration related to the immediate discussion, Labstorm recommends

related innovations and the CXO discovers adjacencies. She / he visualizes our innovations as well as experiences them ‘live’ through our interactive demos. Such an engaging experience encourages the CXO to join our journey of Innovation Co-creation and collaborate with our experts.

This is just an example of how emerging technologies can provide creative solutions to various business challenges. Cross-industry innovation and co-creation are imperative to enhance the quality of ideation.

Innovation Co-creation 

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