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A dedicated team of researchers, working at Infosys Labs and the Education and Research (E&R) group focus on technologies that will gain relevance for enterprises in the long-term.

Browse a selection of books and papers authored by our experts, as well as a quarterly journal from our technology group.

Infosys Labs Briefings (formerly SETLabs Briefings)

Infosys Labs Briefings (formerly SETLabs Briefings) is a peer-reviewed journal that shares strategic and experiential insights on technology management themes.

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Research papers

Our researchers focus on how emerging technologies will evolve and impact an enterprise’s competitiveness and discuss the most effective ways of managing these technologies and integrating them into the enterprise’s nervous system.


View a selection of books authored by Infosys experts and write to us for copies.

Technology Roundtable

Infosys Technology Roundtable is an exclusive group of senior technology leaders representing key Infosys clients. The group is responsible for realizing innovation through technology in its member organizations.

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