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Technology for Better Healthcare Delivery

Technology for Better Healthcare Delivery

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Insight | Towards a Web-based teleradiology marketplace
By Ashish Sureka and Sivaram Thangam
Teleradiology is the most sought after form of telemedicine in healthcare. To bridge the gap between demand and supply of trained radiologists, our experts suggest the adoption of a Web-based e-marketplace.

Trend | Semantic Web: Elixir for drug discovery and development
By Ipsita Nanda
Given the volume of data generated across an research and development value chain in healthcare, the vision of real-time intelligence remains unrealized. In the search for a plausible solution, our expert analyzes the effectiveness of a semantic Web approach.

Opinion | SOA: A beacon for future in healthcare
By Anirban Ghosal and Rakesh Mishra
The healthcare industry is in a state of constant flux, given the rapid changes in regulations, and consequently, the IT systems. SOA is a boon with its agile and inter-operable platform. Our experts believe that SOA will address the challenges of ever-changing standardizations.

Viewpoint | Role of SPARQL and semantic EII in patient record harmonization
By Deepti Parachuri and Bijoy Majumdar
Electronic medical records are imperative for high quality patient care. The use of ontology to define a meta-model system enables harmonization of health records. In such a system, changes in standards and data can be managed without affecting the core system. Our experts present data modeling using semantic technologies such as RDF and demonstrate the data retrieval process using SPARQL.

Third angle | Interoperable healthcare systems and their practical applicability
Sanjeev Arora MD, Director – Project ECHO, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, in an interview with Praveen Soti, Principal, Healthcare Consulting, Infosys, analyzes the effectiveness of inter-operable healthcare systems. He suggests that projects such as ECHO are required, as they approach care from a holistic perspective. He adds that while such projects develop IT support, they also train healthcare support staff to work as local teams and cater to basic as well as chronic medical events.

Perspective | Information mining in a collaborative healthcare environment
By Harikrishna Rai, Pranav P Mirajkar, Sai Deepak and Sivaram Thangam
A large depository of knowledge remains unexplored in unstructured data such as reports and images. Our experts feel that mining this data will enable effective inference for better healthcare decision-making. Our experts discuss the benefits and challenges of data mining in healthcare.

Framework | IT applications for healthcare: Leverage processes for high quality
By Ravishankar N
Cost-effective IT solutions are a business imperative. IT divisions in healthcare need to perform a balancing act to manage rising costs while not compromising on basics such as compliance, data security, and quality. Our expert suggests models and processes towards software application development to address the growing concerns.

Practitioner's perspective | Connect and bolster pharma R&D model
By Mandar Ghatnekar, Anirban Ghosh, and Kamal Biswas
Drug discovery lies at the core of the pharmaceutical industry. Our experts trace the early models of drug discovery and suggest that a connected pharma R&D model and activity analysis model are effective means to next generation drug discovery.

Spotlight | Algorithmic approach to intelligent healthcare facilities planning using BPM and simulation
By Raamakrishnan M and Rakesh Mishra
Our experts suggest an intelligent tool to leverage the capabilities of BPM tool while concurrently utilizing the qualitative decision-making capabilities of a knowledge-based system. They believe that an algorithmic approach will be cost-effective for healthcare facilities in the long-term, while ensuring increased satisfaction across the healthcare chain.

View from the trenches | Leverage technology to deliver better healthcare
By Mark Brownlee

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