Financial Highlights

Five Year Overview Indian GAAP (Standalone Basis)

P & L Ratios - Standalone

Export revenue/ revenue(%)97.1297.7397.6397.6698.73
Software development expenses/ revenue (%)60.3058.9257.0656.2054.68
Gross Profit/ revenue (%)39.7041.0842.9443.8045.32
Selling and marketing expenses/ revenue (%)5.395.094.654.804.61
General and administration expenses/ revenue (%)
Aggregate employee costs/ revenue (%)54.9254.2149.5149.0848.96
Operating profit (PBIDTA)/ revenue (%)28.2529.9632.1933.1534.82
Depreciation and amortization/ revenue (%)2.482.602.542.923.82
Operating profit after depreciation
and amortization and interest/ revenue (%)
Tax/ revenue (%)8.598.829.959.378.12
Profit after tax before exceptional items/ Revenue (%)22.9924.6125.5525.3827.22
Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
(PBIT before exceptional item, net of taxes / Average Capital Employed) (%)(1)
Return on invested capital before
exceptional items, net of taxes (%)(1)

(1)Liquid assets include cash and cash equivalents, investments in liquid mutual funds, fixed maturity plan securities, certificates of deposit and tax free bonds

Growth Ratios - Standalone

Export revenue (%)19.8517.7623.0818.784.33
Revenue (%)20.6117.6323.1220.084.32
Operating profit before depreciation (%)13.739.4819.5714.326.57
Net profit before exceptional items, net of taxes (%)12.6813.2923.9511.95(1.10)
Basic EPS before exceptional item (%)13.2313.2923.8811.85(1.26)

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