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Kraft partners with Infosys for testing services

Kraft reached its goal of automating more than 80 percent of its core business process tests with little disruption to business teams. In conjunction...

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Integrated software testing lifecycle – A smart way to address cyber threats

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do cyber threats. Effective security testing strategies can help combat these new-age threats.

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Fully centralized QA model critical to success, say 80 percent of TCoE clients in a TechValidate survey

TechValidate is the first and only automated software platform for the creation of customer evidence content. A TechValidate survey of Infosys clients who had implemented a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) paved the way for some insights.

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Want to make your IT systems future-ready? Predict performance using analytical models

The ability to estimate the future performance of a large and complex distributed software system can significantly reduce overall software cost and risk. This can be achieved through performance modeling, which can also form the basis of capacity planning of IT systems in an organization.

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Understanding the testing infrastructure conundrum

When it comes to testing infrastructure, the status quo has been challenged minimally for the most part. Very few attempts have been made to align the infrastructure with the quality goals of the organization.

Test data management – Left shift for business agility

Just like cars, cookies, and every other product in the market, software applications too need to be tested before they are released. This is where an effective test data management (TDM) strategy works to your advantage. Significant reduction in rework and increase in quality are just a few of the many benefits a TDM can provide.

Published with permission of Testing Experience magazine

Do the math – determine optimum number of sprints in agile engagements

Our experts propose a new estimation and planning model for Agile-based programs using a mathematical approach.

Are we seeing a shift – from domain-focused tester to the “technical tester”?

Reghunath Balaraman, our expert in enterprise quality assurance (QA) transformation, takes a deep dive into the technology enveloping mobile application quality assurance – in this feature carried by OZTester magazine.

Choosing the right data warehouse testing strategy

Organizations today are dependent on data warehousing processes to make informed decisions. Hence, choosing the right strategy for testing data...

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Integrated Sourcing: The Pathway to Achieve More for Less

In an environment where the market is demanding 'more for less', Chandrashekar Kakal, Senior VP and Global Head of Business IT Services at...

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Maximize ROI through effective selection of an SOA testing tool

The selection of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) testing tool is often complex, and not selecting the right one can reduce ROI significantly.

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Maximizing user experience of mobile applications through effective network performance QA

Network performance plays a key role in the user experience of a mobile application. Here's how a structured...

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Importance of Early Lifecycle Validation

Involving testing teams during the requirements elicitation stage provides significant cost avoidance to information technology programs.

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Increase Business Value with Cloud-based QA Environments

This three-part series of articles analyzes the challenges presented by traditional QA environments. It delves into how businesses can overcome...

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Uncovering Business Value of Testing

Today, there is an increasing need for IT teams to look beyond just improving efficiency in their delivery of IT solutions. By focusing on the business value of testing, organizations can become more competitive and profitable.

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Network Impact Testing for Superior Performance of Mobile Applications

Network testing is a critical process that can ensure robustness and functional performance of mobile applications in varied network conditions. This article explores more about network variability – causes, impact, and solutions.

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Innovative Approach to Performance Testing with Functional Test Tools

Using functional tools for performance testing can lead to faster time-to-market and reduced cost of testing.

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Leverage Progressive Test Automation for Faster Time-to-Market

Progressive test automation is an innovative approach that enables the automation of functional test cases during application development, which in turn helps accelerate time-to-market.

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QA: Check all the Boxes with Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Virtual models of external systems hosted on the cloud enhance the QA infrastructure and help detect defects early in the development lifecycle.

Published with permission of Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Agile Meets User Acceptance Testing in a CoE

Standardized processes, a metrics-driven governance model and reusable assets increase the efficiency of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in Agile development programs.

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Testing Excellence Ensures Sustainability in Financial Services

A multi-disciplinary testing team can transform operations of financial services companies and enhance the user experience.

Published with permission of Testing Experience magazine

Benchmark Software Quality against Testing Metrics

A testing metrics program supported by an implementation road map and a robust data analysis and reporting mechanism provides actionable insights to enhance quality.

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Test Games from the Users' Perspective

The technical expertise, analytical skills and creativity of testers enhance the user experience of gaming applications.

Published with permission of Testing Experience magazine

'QA and testing have become a concurrent process'

Head of Independent Validation and Testing Solutions, Infosys, discusses the role of independent software testing in mitigating risk and generating revenue.

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Risk Management: A Starting Point for Regression Testing

Risk analysis of a regression testing suite improves software quality and reduces testing effort significantly.

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QA Imperative: Systems and Domain Expertise

Domain expertise enables testing teams to accelerate the roll out of software applications.

Published with permission of Testing Experience magazine

Testing Efficiency Begins and Ends with Domain Expertise

Domain knowledge helps QA teams maximize IT investments across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Published with permission of Testing Experience magazine

A Proven Test Strategy for Data Warehouses

Automation tools and test accelerators save significant costs and effort in testing large volumes of data in a data warehouse.

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Increase Automation in Testing to Maximize Returns

Test automation improves the quality of software and accelerates time-to-market, while reducing costs. However, a structured approach...

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Exploratory Testing Raises the Bar for Software Quality

QA teams can improve the quality of software applications by integrating exploratory methods with scripted testing.

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Enterprise 2.0 Demands Innovative Testing Approaches

SOA testing addresses the requirements of heterogeneous technologies and architectures in Web 2.0-enabled enterprises.

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Safeguard Your Business Interests with Next-generation Testing Tools

Modern testing tools mitigate the risks of IT-driven processes while addressing the dynamic needs of business.

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Business Imperative: Virtual Environment for Smart Testing

Service virtualization provides a cost-effective, low-risk and high-quality alternative to accelerate the testing of modern applications.

Published with permission of Virtual Strategy Magazine

Testing Modern SOA-Based Applications

Quality Assurance teams can address the implementation challenges of modern architecture with next-generation tools, customized processes and a rigorous testing schedule.

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Test Applications in Auto Mode on the Cloud

Automation of application testing is a business imperative. In a blog published in, Infosys' expert says that automation is necessary due to the iterative...

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Infosys' Testing Practice Provides Mature Services: NelsonHall

In a report, NelsonHall discusses Infosys' specialized testing and quality consulting services for custom and package applications.

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Get a Headstart in Application Testing

Comprehensive pre-packaged testing systems leverage the expertise of professional testers to ensure smart application testing.

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'Four Rs' of Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance (QA) teams must focus on 'four Rs' to enhance the quality of end-to-end testing.

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A Service Virtualization Approach to Agile SOA Testing

Service virtualization addresses the challenges of Service-Oriented Architecture testing and accelerates development.

Published with permission of Testing Experience magazine

Capitalize on New Trends in Testing

Infosys' expert discusses the trends in testing that will help Quality Assurance (QA) organizations deliver high-quality and cost-effective services.

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Point of Stop Testing: Ensure Success Within Limited Budget and Stringent Deadlines

Quality Assurance (QA) teams can adopt a Point Of Stop Testing (POST) approach based on scientific data to ensure high quality of applications.

The article first appeared in the December 2009 issue of T.E.S.T magazine.

Agile Collocation Offers the Best of Both Worlds in Testing

Our experts propose ‘Agile Collocation’ that integrates the Global Delivery Model (GDM) with Agile processes for efficient testing across the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

The article first appeared in the September 2009 issue of Testing Experience magazine.

Test Automation for Faster Product Delivery and Customization

The key to survival in a feverishly-changing market is flexibility. Insurance technologists need to review their insurance systems to introspect on how faster product delivery can be ensured ...

This article appeared in the SETLabs Briefings Special issue on 'Insurance: Powering Modernization' (Apr. 2007).

Leverage ITIL, COBIT, Six Sigma and Lean for Effective ITSM Processes

In this podcast, Infosys' expert discusses a multi-step approach that combines the strengths of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT), defect reduction capabilities of...

Get Up To Speed with ITIL v3

Through a series of podcasts Infosys’ expert gives you an overview of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3, discusses how ITIL v3 is an enhanced version of v2, helps you understand the importance of the service portfolio and find out the key components driving service strategy and design.

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