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Programs and Modules

To ensure relevance and rigor, Infosys Leadership Institute (ILI) aligns all program offerings to the Infosys leadership model. This model consists of seven key performance dimensions:

Strategic leadershipEstablish and commit to a long-range course of action to accomplish a long-range goal or vision that sustainably gives Infosys an edge. Continually creating new differentiators and challenging assumptions made about current strategies in order to persistently move ahead of competition.
Change/Adversity leadership
  • Manage through the inevitable sources of resistance that comes with transformational leadership
  • Devise change strategy
  • Create processes and systems that mitigate the risk of adoption of new innovation
Operational leadershipLeading operations involves systematically applying a portfolio of methods that achieve high degrees of efficiency, productivity and quality. Institutionalizing a culture of achievement; proactive prevention of defects, process innovation and improvement in order to realize goals around delighting customers consistently are also crucial.
Talent leadership
  • Select, develop, and manage the performance of a team capable of executing the vision
  • Attract, develop, and retain highly capable individuals to build the leadership pipeline
  • Create an effective work climate to drive performance and requisite learning
Relationship/Networking leadership
  • Develop, maintain, and leverage long-term internal and external relationships/networks
  • Build effective relationships beyond just transactions with all internal and external business partners to the point of being a completely trusted advisor
Content leadershipCreate and leverage deep domain expertise in order to energize your strategy and team. Content leadership is about possessing and creating knowledge and mental models in your core discipline to outthink the competition.
Entrepreneurial leadershipIncubate new business ideas, models and working arrangements in new markets, new product segments and services to drive growth.

Leadership journey series

Leaders can plan their own development using ILI's leadership journey series of cutting-edge assessments which paint an accurate picture of their strengths and shortcomings in various areas of leadership. It is based on the most advanced psychometrics available to ensure that the results are as fair and accurate as possible.

Using the Infosys leadership model as a basis, ILI has built developmental offerings or 'roadmaps' that leaders can follow to achieve excellence. In addition, ILI uses a number of 'vehicles' such as mentoring, technology-enabled simulations and e-learning, in-person workshops, 'Leaders teach' sessions and other means for nurturing leaders.

Roadmaps are ILI's recommended evidence-based sequence of intervention of offerings for a specific leadership domain.

Vehicles are ILI's recommended approach for delivering various types of investments shown to be effective across several content domains. Examples include simulations, blended learning and books. Each leadership domain uses a variety of these vehicles.

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