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"Flat World”, a term popularized by Thomas Friedman's book "The World is Flat", is often used to describe changes arising out of emerging economies, changing demographics, technology ubiquity, and increased regulation. Companies need to shift their operational priorities to gain from the opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Role of People in a Flattening World

Role of People in a Flattening World

Competing in a Flat World is not just about changing strategies and operations. It is about changing the business mindset of people within the organization. There is also a need to change one’s perspective toward innovation. Earlier, innovation was primarily confined to the silos of the enterprise and took long time cycles. The move today is toward sustained incremental innovation across enterprise boundaries.

People Empowerment’ is crucial to succeed in a Flat World. People must develop customer relationships, accelerate product innovation, build partner connections and improve operations. These people are not only your employees, but also your partners and customers.

Catalytic IT - Enabling People and Enterprises to Win in the Flat World

Changing IT Mindset

In a survey of 200 CXOs, over 70% of the executives highlighted technology as the top change driver shaping the global business environment. Technology forms the backbone of every successful organization. IT is a catalyst that empowers people to achieve specific business outcomes. But there are considerable challenges.

Over the last few decades, companies have invested significantly in IT. The IT systems in most organizations are large and unwieldy and even simple changes involve significant cost and effort. There are numerous challenges like applications with point-to-point integrations, data residing in different silos, questionable reliability, functionality overlaps, and an unfriendly UI. Traditional systems can prevent companies from competing in the Flat World where agility is paramount. IT needs to change its mindset and adapt to meet the challenges and opportunities of the Flat World.

Catalytic IT Solution Suite - Proven Offerings on the Microsoft Platform

Catalytic IT Solution Suite

CIOs must enable their companies to compete and win in a Flat World. For this, they need to empower people by providing them with solutions to carry out their tasks. However, many CIOs today spend up to 70% of their IT budget on 'running their business' or 'keeping the lights on' and about 30% of the budget on 'innovating and growing the business'. It is time to change this mindset.

Infosys and Microsoft are jointly helping companies on this journey through Catalytic IT, an IT-Led business transformation program. Through a suite of proven offerings across four dimensions - Legacy Modernization, Infrastructure Optimization, Enterprise Collaboration and Business Decision - Catalytic IT enables enterprises and people to win in the Flat World.

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