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Infosys Wins Four Microsoft Partner Program Awards

Infosys won four awards at the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference held in Boston from July 11-13, 2006. These awards recognize Infosys' innovative use of Microsoft technology to exceed customer expectations and solve business problems. Microsoft partners worldwide submitted over 2,400 entries in 16 categories.

Infosys won the following awards at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2006:

  • Global CRN Customer Experience Partner of the Year Award
  • Regional Customer Experience Award - Call Center Workflow Optimization Solution for a Utility Company
  • Regional Winning Customer Award in the Application Platform .NET category for an ETL application for a Financial Services Organization.
  • Regional Winning Customer Award in the Application Platform .NET category for a Central Lab Management System for a Global Contract Research Organization

In addition, Infosys was one of five finalists for the Global Enterprise Services and Technology Partner of the Year award.

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This is the second consecutive year that Infosys' solutions have been recognized by the Microsoft Partner Awards Program team. Last year, Infosys received the Winning Customer Award for its Accelerated Deployment solution under the category of Microsoft Desktop Upgrade and Infosys was also the finalist in the category of Custom Development solutions.

This year's award-wining solutions from Infosys are:

The customer is a utility major in the US, with more than one million customers. On an average, its customer care center processes about 2,000 customer calls per day. The company noted that the average handling time (AHT) for its customer calls over a period of one year is about 320 seconds, which is in the fourth quartile compared to other utility companies in USA. Reduction in AHT would increase customer satisfaction and save IT costs. The company also aimed to address the inherent problems with the current system with ease of information accessibility and intuitiveness to call flows, in addition to the high costs involved in implementation, maintenance and user training.

Infosys analyzed the current business process and identified the problem area as inefficient screen navigation involving multiple sets of screens to process customer requests. Infosys defined the to-be business process with streamlined and optimized screen navigation and workflows and it also outlined the solution architecture based on MVC design pattern and developed the workflow-based robust Application Framework in C#.NET. Infosys designed, developed and implemented the Call Center Workflow Optimization solution based on the redefined business process and the custom developed .NET application framework.

To date, the company has realized significant reduction in AHT. Also, user training is much easier in the new application.

This solution also won the Global CRN Customer Experience Partner of the Year award.

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ETL application for a Financial Services Organization

Winning Customer Award

Infosys developed an ETL application for customer services for one of its clients, a leading player in mortgage banking domain. The increasing volume and velocity of front-office collateral processing over the years, coupled with the introduction of new mortgage products and data attributes, had stressed the client's existing legacy application and underscored its shortcomings. The application was unable to scale to meet growing business needs. The client wanted a scalable application that would provide an efficient workflow for the businesses processes to handle the high transaction volumes. The application also needed to be able to generate different kinds of MIS reports and allow for easy maintenance.

Infosys proposed a solution to develop a workflow-based application to meet these business challenges. The solution used Microsoft technologies like .NET for user interface and business logic, C# for web services and SQL Server as the database. It provided a rich GUI, efficient data-flow mechanism, better transaction management and robust security. The solution will help the client to improve user productivity and quality of service while reducing operations and support costs. It will also bring down training costs and improve time-to-market.

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Central Lab Management System for a Global Contract Research Organization

Winning Customer Award

The customer is one of the world's leading contract research organizations with its operations spread across the globe. The client organization's operations had grown through acquisition of existing central lab units. Each of these units functioned as stand-alone sites using their existing processes and systems on different platforms. Differences in systems and workflows made it difficult for the client to operate as a single global entity.

Infosys re-engineered business processes globally and established common processes across multiple sites by developing a custom solution based on the Microsoft .NET platform. This enabled global process consistency and a standard system in turn enabled client to compete for more global clinical trial studies, fueling revenue growth.

With standardization, the client was able to rationalize, leverage and optimize infrastructure globally, thereby reducing operational costs and improving alignment with growth objectives. The system was developed according to stringent US FDA regulatory requirements and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The system was validated with necessary documentation, installation and operational qualifications.

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