Business decision

Sense and analyze

The digital revolution is enabling companies to collect and store humongous amounts of data. Industry estimates reveal the amount of data collected in the last seven years is more than the entire history of human civilization. The availability of data offers opportunities to gather insights, be it finding a new market segment or analyzing consumers.

The biggest challenge is to make sense of data in a timely manner. Nearly 60 – 80 percent of an organization's information is unstructured, residing in emails, blogs and documents. As business gets increasingly competitive, executives have to sift through structured and unstructured information to make informed decisions.

A brand manager has to identify customer preferences for better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. A product planner has to gather customer feedback to undertake a competitive analysis through various channels such as blogs, discussion forums and transaction data. The CEO must be able to monitor business indicators for visibility into business performance. In short, companies need to harvest information for insights, either to make money from information or respond better to business challenges.

Infosys Catalytic IT Business Decision offerings from Infosys enable you to harvest information for faster and accurate decision making. Our Corporate and Operational Performance Management offering empowers CXOs and other decision makers with an overview of the key performance indicators to be monitored. Our Search offerings extend analytics to sense both internal and external unstructured information.

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