Infrastructure optimization

Business-IT alignment is a top imperative for businesses seeking to hone their competitive edge. However, outdated IT infrastructure poses a bottleneck. Infosys partners with your enterprise to optimize your legacy infrastructure to transform it into a strategic asset, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and significantly boosting Return on Investment (ROI).

Is your IT infrastructure a bottleneck to your competitiveness?

Many organizations see that their current IT infrastructure is reactive and simply not ready to meet their current and future business needs. Among the most common concerns are:

  • A pile of non-standardized platforms, multiple operating systems and their versions, redundant applications - all expensive to operate and maintain
  • Complex silos of infrastructure architecture (resulting from uncoordinated investment, M&A etc.) that are incompatible and prone to security issues hinder enterprise responsiveness
  • Best-effort service delivery and extended time to market hinder effective customer service

Turn your IT infrastructure into a catalyst for business growth

To build a competitive enterprise, IT infrastructure must be the backbone of information flows. It has to serve its stakeholders well, operate efficiently and achieve integrated innovation.

Infosys adopts a four-stage approach to optimize your IT infrastructure to deliver maximum value.

  • Assess: Infosys first assesses your current infrastructure and business needs, and then recommends changes based on best practices. The key areas include IT service management, business service management, security, compliance, and capacity planning
  • Build: Infosys builds your IT infrastructure from design through implementation. Our migration, integration, re-engineering and consolidation services simplify and automate management, reduce costs, optimize utilization, and ensure that your infrastructure is mapped to meet the right business needs
  • Manage: Infosys manages all aspects of your infrastructure, including networks, storage, servers, operating systems, database, messaging solutions, helpdesks or entire datacenters
  • Govern: Infosys handles the governance of your IT infrastructure and manages programs to ensure your resources are more efficiently utilized in business transformation projects and mission-critical activities

Benefits of catalytic IT infrastructure optimization solutions

Through a specialized set of services, Infosys builds a catalytic IT infrastructure for your business.

  • Business centric: Serves business needs through services that provide the right service level of availability, performance, reliability and security
  • Consolidated: Built out of standardized reusable building blocks
  • Automated: Self-managing and self-healing – in case of intervention, tasks are highly automated
  • Flexible: Flexible in terms of Changing service levels, incorporating new technologies, and managing components
  • Service-oriented: Transparent cost, pricing, and pay-per-service-use billing

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