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SharePoint is the fastest growing server product from Microsoft. It holds leadership position in terms of the multiple workloads it offers under one umbrella. Following the success of SharePoint 2007, Microsoft released SharePoint 2010 with a host of functionalities that makes it compelling for enterprise-wide adoption.

SharePoint functionalities such as content management, business collaboration, content search, portals and analytics enable agile response to business needs. Integration of multiple workloads while building business applications enable organizations to make better and faster decisions, improve business productivity, and adapt to market changes quickly.

Under Microsoft Practice, Infosys has a dedicated SharePoint unit that optimizes SharePoint capabilities. We help clients define and implement strategies that improve decision-making, business productivity and agility while simplifying the technology landscape.

SharePoint 2010 offers seamless integration with Microsoft Office 2010. It presents a single, up-to-date version of vital information for decision makers to access, analyze and act within a shared workspace. SharePoint 2010 reduces costs and time-to-market with rapid development capabilities, a common platform and infrastructure. Complete with tools, the platform enables editing and sharing of documents, workflows, management and securing of content, and searching of enterprise-wide sources for data and documents.


"Microsoft and Infosys share a commitment to helping customers use technology to improve every area of their business. From process excellence to connecting with customers and responding effectively to the competitive landscape. Microsoft's long-term focus on delivering an integrated, manageable and reliable platform, combined with Infosys' unique delivery model and deep consulting skills, is designed to help customers succeed and grow through increased efficiency, cost savings and business value."

Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Corp
Infosys IP and Services Offerings on SharePoint

The Infosys advantage

The Microsoft Practice at Infosys provides technology leadership, systems integration and program execution related to Microsoft technologies. The dedicated Share Point and Microsoft Business Intelligence (MS BI) unit comprises a skilled and certified pool of consultants, practitioners, architects and developers. SharePoint best Practices have been developed to enable client success

Our experts are experienced in successfully implementing out-of-the-box or custom solutions in SharePoint technology for various industries. The InfosysSharePoint-specific solutions, reusable components, reference architectures, discovery tools and templates, solution accelerators, and implementation frameworks reduce lead time and costs across the development lifecycle. The solutions simplify the technology landscape by eliminating multiple non-Microsoft technologies and help consolidate domains.

Our alliance with Microsoft as a Gold Partner creates a unique value proposition for the clients and brings the best technology and services combination to the fore for a competitive edge.

Why Infosys

  • Ability to create a significant impact through a unique combination of business consulting, technology consulting and IP through a dedicated Microsoft Practice leveraging rich and vast experience
  • Possess experience in implementing a wide array of projects, leveraging multiple workloads of SharePoint across different industries. Implementation of collaboration workspaces, ECM, Web 2.0 Internet sites, extranet and intranet portals, including customer self-service and knowledge management portals that leverage reusable assets. This helps reduce time to market, improves overall productivity and optimizes technology implementation
  • Own IP, tools, and solutions, namely, iAxelerate, Neuron, SharePoint Governance Tool for accelerated delivery with predictable gains
  • One of the largest competent and certified workforce in SharePoint technology
  • Proven global delivery model to enhance value and time to market

Some recent success stories

  • Infosys developed the communication and collaboration road map for a US$ 55billion healthcare company with 180,000 employees and over 7,000 retail and pharmacy benefit management facilities. Infosys helped the company target the first release in the merger phase at 30,000 people, leveraging SharePoint technology. Our experts laid a solid foundation and implemented knowledge management, social networking and Web 2.0 features, thus enabling seamless communication improving overall efficiency and productivity of employees
  • Infosys defined the enterprise portal foundation strategy for a large US life insurance company that offers life, disability and long-term care insurance products. The strategy encompassed integration with mainframe, Web content management, rich user interface and enabled the overall governance framework while deploying SharePoint technology. The company portal was developed on SharePoint with MapQuest integration and the site was designed for performance and a user base almost eight to ten times its current usage
  • Infosys developed a common platform leveraging SharePoint for the exploration and production (E&P) segment of an integrated oil and gas client operating across six continents, with revenue in excess of $200 billion. Our experts completed the design, development and deployment of the portal with complete infrastructure planning, procurement and program management. Our solution helped reduce the 'well review' process time from weeks to minutes, improved decision-making and response time during crisis, provided predictive analysis, integrated business processes, and improved cost recovery

Leveraging SharePoint 2010

Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and Managing Director, Infosys invites you to take a journey with Infosys in optimizing your business while leveraging our transformation solutions.

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