Windows 7

Windows 7 helps global companies enhance productivity and innovation by getting more value from their resources, creating new revenue streams and unlocking creativity. It enables ‘new efficiency’ even as Microsoft technologies help you ‘do more with less’.

Windows 7 Transformation Project Budget

The Infosys Advantage

Infosys was a Platinum Sponsor at the Microsoft New Efficiency Launch. We have also been part of the Windows 7 Technology Adoption Program (TAP) in the capacity of a systems integrator.

Infosys is an early adopter of Windows 7. Currently, we are helping global companies in Windows 7 pilot projects/Proof Of Concept, readiness assessments and actual migrations. Our depth of solution offerings, accelerators, strategies, best practices from current engagements and past experience enables a smooth migration to Windows 7. We ensure on-time delivery by leveraging processes based on the Microsoft Operations Framework, Microsoft Solutions Framework, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, Capability Maturity Model and Six Sigma.

Infosys has implemented mature solutions with a high degree of automation using innovative tool sets and third-party products for a large number of desktops, servers and applications across global enterprises. We leverage our experience, our alliance with Microsoft and our robust partner eco-system to provide accelerated deployments for Windows 7 within budget while reducing business risk. Our 1-, 2- and 5-day workshops for Business Value Assessments help our customers define their road map for Windows 7 adoption.

Infosys Migration Solution for Windows 7

Infosys Technologies and Microsoft present the Infosys Migration Solution for Windows 7 in the webinar, 'Achieving New Efficiencies while Migrating to Windows 7'. It reveals Microsoft's prowess for increasing productivity while reducing cost of operations.


Infosys-Microsoft Partnership For a Better Tomorrow

Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO and Managing Director, Infosys Technologies, invites you to leverage the Infosys-Microsoft partnership to optimize your business while implementing transformation solutions.

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