Infosys strategic approach to software assets an industry best practice: Independent research firm

Forrester Research, in a July 2012 report ‘Asset-Based IT Services Shift Service Vendors’ Operating Models’, discusses Infosys strategic approach with Products, Platforms & Solutions offerings as an industry best practice for developing and managing the software assets.

The report evaluates the service providers’ approach to software assets and lists three key takeaways:

1. Software assets strategy begins with clients’ business problems: For their value proposition to remain relevant to clients, service providers must identify the recurring business problems of their clients.

The Infosys approach: Infosys, as part of Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise strategy, clearly identified seven game-changing trends that form the innovation framework.

2. Set up a dedicated software assets organization to facilitate a radical cultural change: Service providers must radically modify their operating models in order to develop software asset-based offerings.

The Infosys approach: Infosys 3.0 – products, platforms and solutions was set up as a dedicated organization to focus on innovation-led business growth for our clients.

3. Culture of offerings needs to be part of service vendor DNA: Portfolio management practices are essential to successfully manage a software asset-based strategy.

The Infosys approach: Infosys manages the portfolio of software assets and creates offerings around them. Infosys BrandEdge is a case in point.

Infosys view:

"We believe the Forrester report confirms our strategic approach to Intellectual assets defined on game changing trends," says Sanjay Purohit, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Products, Platforms and Solutions, Infosys. "Infosys Products, Platforms and Solutions are geared to drive innovation-led growth for our clients that will power tomorrow’s enterprise, today. Combining market-leading products from Infosys and our partners, cloud-based hosting and platform operations, our offerings help enterprises accelerate growth, maximize profitability and increase asset efficiency," he adds.


Published with permission of Forrester Research

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