Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager


Globally, utilities are navigating the challenges of a new world. Supply constraints, compliance requirements, customer satisfaction, and declining margins are all placing unceasing stress on the utilities industry.

On one hand, utilities must fulfill the needs of customers who demand uninterrupted and high-quality service. On the other hand, they need to curtail prices and maintain the critical balance between energy demand and supply. Utilities need to innovate continually to manage energy efficiently and delight customers at the same time. Given these needs, an offering that combines energy management and customer self-service is the need of the hour.

The Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager, part of the Infosys Smart Grid suite, helps electricity, gas and water utilities ensure customer delight through sustainable energy management and revitalized customer service.

The Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager transforms customer service by providing advanced self-service capabilities and an enhanced call center experience. Utilities can leverage the offering to engage with customers across various channels like web, smart phones and tablets.

Utilities customers can use advanced energy management features of the Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager to optimize energy consumption. This drives adoption of energy efficiency programs – reducing energy usage and saving costs.

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