Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager


The Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager provides utilities enterprises the flexibility to adopt the modules they need, depending on the stage of their smart grid implementation. These pre-built modules also help reduce time-to-market and customization efforts of utility business users.

The Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager seamlessly integrates with existing back-end systems and leverages past investments made by utilities enterprises. It also offers flexible delivery models to deploy on-premise or host externally.

How the Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager integrates with utilities' back-end systems

How the Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager Integrates with Utilities’ Back-end Systems 
My account

The Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager allows users to register and manage their account through its Web-based interface. Customers can perform multiple actions like setting their user ID, changing their password and resetting it, among others. Customers can also see a unified view of their multiple service accounts and follow a structured account management approach.

Service requests

With the Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager, customers can post service requests, report problems, and track status of their requests online. They can perform an online search for specific queries and access all the required information. This helps in reducing calls to utilities by providing information on commonly-used services and account-related details. Customers can also report outages through this module, reducing load on the utility’s call center and further lowering customer service costs.

Bill management and payments

The Bill Management and Payments module helps customers view, compare and analyze present and the previous bills. It provides a summarized view of multiple service accounts, along with options for bill payment, budget billing and bill-correction requests.

Historical usage and cost analysis

The Historical Usage and Cost Analysis module provides a drill-down of energy consumption and cost analysis over any period of time. Easily comprehensible charts and tabular structures help customers understand when and how they use energy. Customers can analyze their energy costs as per different rate plans, which will help them, choose a plan best suited for their energy needs.

Energy usage and bill forecasting

The Energy Usage and Bill Forecasting module exhibits the forecasted consumption and bill cost for a period. This module also lets customers compare the forecasted bill with the actual bill.

Home energy management

The Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager helps customers analyze their appliance-wise energy consumption and the impact of these devices on the energy bill. A graphical representation helps them understand the percentage usage of each device over a period of time, and its contribution in the bill amount.

Demand response

The Demand Response module allows utilities to manage customers’ energy consumption during peak loads or in response to market prices. Based on the usage patterns, utilities enterprises can offer customers a choice of programs and thus decrease usage during peak load.

Demand side management

The Demand Side Management module helps utilities reduce complexities of administrating and managing energy efficiency and reward programs. Utilities can launch programs on the fly or modify existing programs. The module provides a dynamic workflow and predefined set of rules for greater flexibility.

This module in the Infosys Customer Self-Service Energy Manager helps customers view and choose the most suitable energy efficiency programs.

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