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Infosys HIMI: Business innovation through comprehensive approach to information management

Soft data (untapped data) found within and outside the enterprise constitutes a significant source of information. While traditional hard (structured) data enables decision-making by leveraging techniques of advanced analytics, soft data sources provide competitive advantages to the enterprise. The concept of digital consumer has increased the touchpoints of customers and this has led to increased volume of soft data sources, such as call center logs, Web logs, IVR logs, and feedback reviews. Additionally, the explosion of social media and social networks has increased the sources of information for analytics. Soft data sources, unlike hard data sources, are implicit and not easily quantifiable. However, these enhance decision-making by providing additional dimensions such as behavior and trend aspects.

Infosys HIMI is an advanced analytics platform, which provides leading-edge technologies to harden the soft data sources such as text, interactions and networks. It enables holistic analytics through integrated approach along with structured (hard) data for business analytics applications.

Infosys HIMI provides a suite of offerings for enabling advanced analytics solutions / applications:

  • Platform for building advanced analytics solutions / applications by providing a holistic approach for analytics leveraging unstructured (soft) data along with structured data
  • Advanced analytics techniques such as text analytics, social network analytics and interaction analytics along with traditional statistical data mining and AI techniques for building innovative solutions
  • Advanced analytics workbenches for faster development of analytics applications leveraging model-driven approach
  • Advanced analytics engines to embed analytics solutions / applications to business process and enable seamless and near real-time analytics
  • Social analytics solutions to exploit social media for business decisions and personalized services
  • Packaged vertical analytics solutions and horizontal solutions such as CRM analytics, voice of customer and risk analytics to enable faster implementation
  • Innovative approaches for analytical model management to enable accuracy of analytics and up-to-date models based on change in economy variables

Our solutions include:

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Advanced analytics: The way forward for business

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