Infosys iTransform – ICD-10 migration suite

HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 present opportunities and challenges that impact people, processes, and systems in healthcare organizations. We believe that implementing HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 as mere regulations dilutes the potential of improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery and administration.

The Infosys iTransform product suite not only accelerates your compliance journey, but also realizes benefits from these regulations.

The iTransform design time components such as reference architecture, impact analyzer, auto code remediator, and ICD payout simulator ensure complete coverage of the process and systems impact assessment and remediation. These components go beyond identifying the impact and revenue leakage points that you will encounter, post-transition.

Our testing components such as 5010 Transition Simulator and 5010 Converter significantly improve the productivity of your testing organization and reduce the dependence on subject matter experts.

ICD Crosswalk Converter and 5010 Converter are production deployable run-time components. They ensure compliance and enable you to plan a strategic implementation. The components can also be configured and deployed to support business partners on the older code sets and transactions during the transition period.

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