Infosys Real-Time Expertise Manager


The key features of Infosys Real-Time Expertise Manager include:

  • Intelligent routing and tight integration
    • Integrates different means of communication like chat, email, call, video, transient, and social collaboration with an intelligent routing engine
    • Analyzes the context in which the user has initiated contact and guides them to the correct expert through skill, geographical priority, IP, and business rule-based routing
    • Lends itself to be embedded into or launched from existing applications – also available in variants that meet the needs of desktop, Web-based, and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets
    • Comes with built-in features for up-selling and cross-selling, as well as for creating and tracking sales and marketing initiatives
    • Integrates with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.) for tracking and responding to queries
    • Provides tips to experts from a structured knowledge management system, and saves successful resolutions as knowledge management artifacts
  • Highly-configurable communication
    • Retrieves contextual information at launch and enables dynamic data configuration – including status messages, UI fields, number of concurrent communications allowed, auto reconnect, and auto accept of invitation
    • Provides short-term anonymous collaboration between peers on specific topics
    • Enables audio calls and video conferencing, and facilitates easy sharing of audio and video files
    • Demonstrates internationalization, localization, and instant language translation capabilities
    • Demonstrates unique features such as customizable UI, communication archival, enterprise authentication, security systems, and flexible deployment models (on-premise and cloud)
  • Operational features and reports
    • Answers all general queries in the natural language, based on contextual search in structured knowledge base through self-help powered by artificial intelligence (with continuous learning capabilities)
    • Demonstrates special features – such as one-to-one chat, group chat, proactive chat, chat forwarding, silent mentoring, silent monitoring, chat transcript, offline chat, feedback, and survey. Also provides offline email routing, email tracking, and responding to sender
    • Supports standard features – such as emoticons, typing indicator, rich text messaging, UI themes, audio-visual alerts, file upload, spell check, preferences / setting, and email features
    • Allocates work based on geographical proximity and existing workload
    • Provides text analytics, historical data analysis, as well as pre-defined and custom reports with the aid of live and executive dashboards

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