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About Infosys Research on Demand

Our portal provides Infosys Research services as a Web-enabled service.

Infosys Research services provide customized research and analytical support to help you take informed and timely business decisions. Our deep domain expertise enables us to customize solutions for your specific needs.

The Infosys research team undertakes rigorous research and analysis through:

  • A high-level understanding of the clients' business needs and specific challenges
  • Rigorous analysis based on customized analytical frameworks and methodologies
  • A research team of professionals with rich and varied experience across industries and domains


Research expertise

A robust team of research professionals provides high-quality financial and business research output. Users can use the simple interface of our research procurement portal to select a range of research products.

'Pay-per-use' model

Our pay-per-request model offers you the flexibility to request for analysis on an ad-hoc basis. Business heads can articulate research needs and augment research capacity as and when required by accessing our research staff, on-demand. The Infosys Research On Demand portal helps customers augment their research team, and enables them to focus on their core business.

Workflow and dashboards

The workflow system enables you to track your requests and delivery. The information generated from the system helps quantify time and cost of the research effort.

Research offering

Infosys Research on Demand offerings include:

Business research

  • Enables companies to take informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage
  • Supports the business research needs of a company – from market research and vendor assessment to competitor intelligence and customer assessment

Investment research

  • Empowers investment professionals to take informed decisions
  • Infosys Research on Demand investment research services range from news updates, peer comparison and database maintenance, to complex projects in economic forecasting, securitization analysis, and derivatives research

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