Infosys Unified Communications

Infosys Unified Communications

A one-stop shop for seamless communication

Infosys Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC) enables seamless communication between your employees, customers, and suppliers. Our solution combines presence and availability with email, voice, chat, video, Web and instant messaging, and streamlines business processes.

UC: Communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime and on any device
Infosys UC offerings

Infosys UC helps companies address challenges such as:

  • Providing an enhanced customer experience by leveraging existing technologies
  • Making instant contact with key personnel, avoiding phone tags, and enabling real-time decision-making and intervention
  • Enabling collaboration within a global workforce
  • Ensuring tracking of key personnel
  • Converging disparate modes of communication
  • Reducing delays due to human intervention
  • Greening of business processes
  • Transforming business processes to improve efficiency

Solution footprint

Infosys UC combines the Infosys technology expertise and domain knowledge to develop solutions that are tailored to your business processes.


Infosys Virtual Banker

Globalization coupled with consolidation and competition challenges banks to increase revenues, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency.


UC Retail solutions

The retail industry is challenged by complexity and unpredictability, driven by increased consumer choice and global supply chains. Retailers can convert this challenge into an opportunity through smart use of technology.


UC for Gaming and Hospitality

UC combines presence and availability with voice, video, email and instant messaging, to enable communication with employees, customers, and suppliers while streamlining business processes.


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