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Dentsu selects Infosys Edge platform for global projects

Infosys Edge has been selected by Dentsu Global Project team to deliver a single, unified platform for driving projects and campaigns spanning multiple countries and regions. This comprehensive...


Uniting a world of employees

Sunil Senan, AVP and Head – SocialEdge and CommerceEdge platforms, speaks with Kristina Bjoran, Editor – MIT Technology Review, about enterprises that are giving increasing importance to employee talk. These enterprises are gaining more experience and knowledge by listening to employees on social media platforms.

Printed with permission of Technology Review


Sunil Senan, AVP and Head – Infosys iEngage in conversation with InformationWeek

Sunil Senan, AVP and Head – Infosys SocialEdge and CommerceEdge, speaks with David Berlind, Chief Content Officer, TechWeb, about how social media is impacting today’s enterprise. He demonstrates how the Infosys employee engagement platform improves workforce productivity and efficiency. It also helps to enrich employee engagement, and is a catalyst for innovation by connecting and engaging with employees.


Infosys iEngage launches social commerce and employee engagement platforms

Infosys today announced a new social commerce as well as an enhanced employee engagement platform – as part of Infosys iEngage. All platforms of Infosys iEngage are now available on Smartphone-enabled devices.


Social CRM – Thy name is SMART

Prasanna Rajanna, Principal Consultant, iEngage, talks about how traditional CRM has evolved and blended into the social space. The article focuses on ways in which the healthcare industry is adopting this phenomenon, along with other salient benefits.

Reproduced with permission of CRM-reviews


How social media impacts business

Tapas Chattopadhyay, Product Manager, Infosys iEngage, shares perspectives on establishing an organization’s presence in social media, and how it creates a paradigm shift in consumer behavior and in the marketplace.

Reproduced with permission of 1to1Media


Understand nuances of conversations for commerce

Information gleaned from social media platforms can guide retailers with product development, according to Infosys experts.

Reproduced with permission of Internet Retailing


Strategy rethink for social media

Ashok Vemuri, Americas Head and Member Executive Council, Infosys, discusses why companies need to rethink top-down product-creation approaches in the social media age.

Reproduced with permission of CNBC


Infosys and Jive partner for Infosys iEngage digital consumer platform

Infosys and Jive Software announced a strategic relationship to include Jive Social Business Software for customer and employee engagement within the recently launched Infosys iEngage digital consumer platform. The Jive Social Business Software (SBS) integrates the most powerful aspects of collaboration, community, and social networking software. With over 15 million users, Jive has unmatched expertise in delivering a rich user experience for every type of online community: employee, public, and both.


Infosys launches comprehensive digital consumer platform: Infosys iEngage

Infosys has launched Infosys iEngage digital consumer platform on enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Infosys iEngage empowers businesses to strengthen relationships, accelerate innovation, and grow revenues with the convenience of a single point of accountability. Built on top of industry-leading offerings from Jive and ATG, the platform supports the sales, marketing, customer service and employee engagement functions in organizations across the world.


iEngage: Where social media, e-commerce and SCM converge

Companies must elevate social media to an integrated platform to interact with customers, and understand the depth of online conversations, opine Infosys experts.

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