Consumer Engagement

Infosys SocialEdge Consumer Engagement

Deepen consumer interactions with powerful social, Web 2.0 and mobile capabilities

For effective social media consumer engagement, you need an application to listen to consumers, engage them, and collaborate with your enterprise. SocialEdge helps you do just that, by giving you comprehensive social media engagement capabilities:

  • Join the conversation — With the SocialEdge Consumer Engagement application, you can track relevant consumer chatter and respond to what consumers have to say
  • Communities, content, connections — The application will help you quickly build brand communities and blogs, aggregate and distribute content across the social Web, and push the right content to the right audience, at the right time
  • Stay connected, anytime, anywhere — Make SocialEdge available to consumers on handheld devices and smartphones

Features: SocialEdge Consumer Engagement

Social Media Consumer Engagement

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Benefits: SocialEdge Consumer Engagement

  • Increase digital relevance — Social media consumer engagement is all about creating and nurturing new digital consumer connections. SocialEdge helps you engage consumers in their digital destinations of choice, address their needs faster, and add value to their social media experience with rich brand content
  • Foster co-creation — Leverage the power of collaborative innovation by involving consumers in areas like personalized product development

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