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Building tomorrow’s successful supply chain

The global business scenario is no longer a matter of contending enterprises; rather it’s about competing supply chains. Today’s enterprise wants complete visibility into its end-to-end supply chain and seamless integration between internal systems and external parties. Even a minor disruption at any point can lead to the breakdown of the whole supply chain network. Obviously, that’s a difficult situation no enterprise wants to be in. Therefore, enterprises need to be able to predict and manage disruptions while effectively catering to significant customer demand. At the same time, they must cope with the ever-increasing pressure to lower cost and generate value for shareholders.

Challenges & opportunities

In this era of globalization, a business looking to enter a global market must assess its supply chain carefully if it is to successfully address that region / market. To this end, it may have to tap new local supplier networks to reach regions far and wide. In addition, businesses face stiff competition from incumbent firms as well as new and emerging players. While competition can benefit consumers by optimizing cost, it keeps enterprises vying for innovative ideas and supply chain models – that can help them stay in this tight race.

Global markets, e-marketplaces, increasing product variety, shorter product lifecycles, channel proliferation, stringent compliance requirements and global scale of operational linkages are all adding complexity to the supply chain. Gone are the days of make-to-stock models – today, customers are demanding personalized products and services. An enterprise’s supply chain model needs to be capable of providing customized offerings to its users. Apart from being customer-centric, an enterprise also needs to be environment-centric. “Go green” is the buzzword everywhere as enterprises become more and more aware of their surroundings and of the need to adopt sustainable supply chain solutions. Robotics, augmented reality, 3D printing are also catching up very fast and influencing the way enterprises perceive their supply chains.

How Infosys delivers business value

At Infosys, our experts have got their fingers on the market pulse. Our supply chain management specialists understand what our clients need and what fits in well with their plans. With significant experience under our belt, we enable clients with best / next practices in managing supply chains. We provide clients not only with consulting, and package and product services, but also offer solutions that are industry-specific and function-specific. Leveraging our solutions, clients have been able to successfully transform, innovate and optimize their supply chains – thus realizing measurable business value from their investments.

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