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On-demand supply networks for on-time delivery

An agile supply chain helps global companies address shrinking product lifecycles and fulfill growing demand. At Oracle OpenWorld 2011, Prasad Thrikutam, Executive Council Member and Global Head – Energy, Utilities, Communications and Services, Infosys, discussed the business opportunities offered by a dynamic supply chain.

Prasad demonstrated how Infosys Demand to Deliver (D2D) solution seamlessly integrates demand and order management with production scheduling, logistics, and distribution. It combines best-of-breed Oracle products with Infosys expertise to create on-demand supply chains.

The D2D solution improves visibility across the demand and supply chain, maximizes resource utilization, and helps manufacturers respond promptly to disruptions in supply. Inventory optimization, improved productivity, and effective sourcing reduce operational costs, while cross-functional collaboration accelerates time to market.

Success story

Vincent P. Melvin, CIO, Arrow Electronics, shared how Infosys effected a supply chain transformation. He highlights accuracy in forecasting as a criterion of an agile supply chain.

Watch Prasad Thrikutam's address

Prasad Thrikutam

Watch Vincent Melvin's address

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