How Infosys delivers value

Many companies have ongoing sustainability initiatives. These initiatives vary in maturity – from focusing on achieving regulatory compliance to achieving complete alignment with organizational strategy and core values, and span operational efficiency, cost reduction, and product innovation. In this evolving landscape, a clear sustainability strategy, a robust execution plan, and skilled resources are critical factors for success.

Infosys provides a set of competencies that help address enterprise sustainability challenges. They include:

Sustainability transformation: Sustainability is a pivot for business transformation. There are opportunities to transform, rationalize, and achieve operational efficiencies and cost reduction while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, across the business value chain (IT / buildings / data centers / facilities / manufacturing and supply chains).

Infosys achieves sustainability goals and delivers sustainability transformation through:

  • Skilled resources with industry and domain (sustainability) expertise
  • Well-established frameworks, methodologies, and templates
  • Ability to define and execute strategies successfully
  • Expertise to evaluate and choose third-party technology
  • Program management and system integration expertise to leverage and implement technology
  • Organization and behavior change management, employee engagement, learning and education

Innovation: Infosys leverages its world-class research and development infrastructure of Infosys Labs, as well as its relationships with world-renowned research and academic organizations and clients to co-create solutions that address our clients’ sustainability challenges. These efforts have led to the development of Infosys Enterprise Sustainability Reporting and Infosys Energy Management solutions.

Infosys maintains continued focus and makes concerted efforts to help our customers innovate and create new sustainability products and solutions.

Partner ecosystem: A dynamic and rapidly evolving technology landscape is emerging – one that offers innovative, cutting-edge, third-party technologies. Infosys is building a world-leading partner ecosystem that will harness the power of these third-party technologies and build value-added systems integration layers and solutions around them.

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