Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2012 – 13: Relevance through innovation

Relevance through innovation

Sustainability has been at the core of our business philosophy — Predictability, Sustainability, Profitability and De-risking (PSPD). This has been the underlying and overarching aspect of every business decision that we have made over the past three decades. We are also supported by effective governance, a strong risk management framework, and our core values that are the bedrock of our sustainability agenda.

Our sustainability policy guides interactions with stakeholders and influences day-to-day actions. We understand our responsibility in honoring the expectations of our immediate stakeholders and an extended set of stakeholders, including local communities, social organizations, and the communities around us.

Infosys Sustainability Report is published annually, and this is our sixth report. Our Sustainability Report provides an update on the responsible business practices across social, environmental and economic parameters in accordance with the GRI 3.1 framework for the year 2012 – 13. It delineates our sustainability agenda across three areas — social contract, resource intensity, and green innovation.

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