Diversity and inclusion

The global nature of our business necessitates a focus on diversity and inclusion. Our diversity and inclusion programs embrace employees of different gender, age, nationality, and physical ability. We follow a multipronged approach to promote diversity and inclusivity within the organization and review our efforts periodically. As an equal opportunity employer, we promote a culture of meritocracy. The principles and goals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are at the center of our diversity and inclusion strategy.

We implement our diversity goals through ‘ACTION,’ which stands for:

  • Auditing inclusivity and diversity levels
  • Creating change agents
  • Training managers
  • Initiating and implementing work models
  • Organizing and assisting affinity groups
  • Networking with external bodies to benchmark practices

The total number of our employees globally was 160,405 as on March 31, 2014, covering over 98 nationalities. Our employee base comprises about 34 percent women.

Employee resource groups

Our global employees represent diverse backgrounds and skills. We have created a number of employee resource groups that address the needs of our diverse workforce, including community participation, networking, cultural enrichment and support based on affinity, ability, and gender. These resource groups conduct programs and initiatives such as peer-to-peer forums, leader speak series, conferences, special events, and celebrations to ensure continuous engagement with our diverse workforce

Some of our flagship programs in 2013 – 14 are:

Creating Common Ground

This is a cultural assimilation program that highlights and educates employees about values and cultural ethos practiced at specific Infosys locations. The program employs innovative approaches and communication campaigns channeled through live events, mailers, posters, our Intranet, and our corporate TV channel. The most recent assimilation programs were done for employees from Switzerland and Germany.

Family Matters

This group promotes work-life balance among young parents in the organization. Apart from family enrichment programs and workshops, Family Matters offers networking opportunities for employees through support and information sharing. Referrals are also provided on daycare services and schools.


IGLU is an affinity group set up in fiscal year 2012 with the objective of creating a safe and respectful work environment for employees from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. Awareness programs and exclusive events are held to foster inclusion.


This is a forum that works towards creating a sensitive and inclusive workplace for differently-abled employees. Regular accessibility audits are conducted to ensure that our infrastructure is accessible to differently-abled employees. The World Disability Day is celebrated at all our campuses to create awareness and foster inclusion. Policies are enhanced / changed keeping in mind the special needs of differently-abled employees.


IWIN works towards creating a gender-sensitive and inclusive work environment for women employees and trains them for managerial and leadership roles, thereby maintaining gender ratios at all levels in the organization. We enable the advancement of women executives by providing greater flexibility, exclusive training, mentoring, and experience sharing programs for developing stronger networks. IWIN continues to partner with gender networks and forums across the globe to benchmark practices specific to the development, engagement, growth, and retention of women employees.

Samaritans Network

A peer group of volunteers trained in barefoot counseling spend time listening to, empathizing with, supporting and counseling fellow employees, helping them cope with life’s challenges, mostly personal in nature. These volunteers perform this activity over and above their regular jobs. This is a first‑of‑its‑kind initiative in India and is active at seven of our campuses. Samaritans Network has had positive outcomes for over 1,300 employees so far. Network members also support employees with severe depression or mental-health-related concerns by assisting the human resources department and counselors identify and refer such employees for further treatment. Samaritans are also engaged in awareness initiatives and conducting internal workshops on listening, basic counseling skills, and addressing issues related to depression and suicidal tendencies.

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