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Infosys convenes a working group at the G-20 Business Summit

Kris Gopalakrishnan, Infosys Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, joined an elite group of 12 Chairmen and CEOs who convened working groups at the Seoul G-20 Business Summit. They articulated the ‘voice’ of the business community and proposed solutions to challenges facing the global economy to G-20 delegates.

Kris convened the working group on the ‘Impact of Youth Unemployment’. He shared thoughts on managing the issue confronting both the developed and developing economies.

The working group recommended joint action by governments and companies to train youth for available jobs through public-private academic partnerships, create welfare and social protection systems, foster entrepreneurship, and identify high-growth sectors.

It advised governments to provide incentives for creating jobs, implement programs to address the special needs of the unemployed with a 'social protection' approach, support innovation by encouraging entrepreneurs, and monitor job creation.

The working group advised companies to leverage local talent for on-the-job training, internships and apprenticeships in high-growth sectors; implement policies to increase job availability; create employment and ease entry into the workforce through self-employment; and develop a 'global resource center' to support governments in the implementation of best practices and employment programs.

Follow Kris' diary during the G-20 Summit:

“The business community should work closely with the government”

"We need a public-private taskforce to continue the dialogue"

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