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MyNest provides an enriching transaction experience across the entire spectrum of the employee lifecycle from 'Hire to Retire'. MyNest functionalities include:

  • Employee self-service: MyNest provides a highly interactive and intuitive user interface that enables employees to effortlessly manage their personal and financial information, make changes, view salary / compensation details, change timesheets, view policy documents, and apply for leave, training and vacant positions. MyNest routes any request raised by an employee to a specific approver, based on the work flow defined by the administrator.
  • Manager self-service: MyNest provides an intuitive and action-oriented interface that prompts managers to take appropriate action on pending work items and employee requests. The manager self-service interface provides a smart 'to-do' list that guides managers to take action based on context and user preferences. The 'to-do' list also has approval requests such as leave applications, transfer requests, timesheet applications, trainings requests, and expense claims. The manager self-service interface provides managers with calendar and schedules of employees, enabling effective planning.
  • Social networking: MyNest leverages the power of social networking to engage and delight employees. It encourages employees to socialize with specific interest groups, share experiences / opinions, and provide inputs toward organizational developments such as policy designs and brand equity improvement.
  • In-flight visibility: MyNest provides process visibility by proving the status of in-flight requests, events and work items. The interface helps employees monitor work items / requests at various stages of process and take appropriate action as necessary. It brings in transparency and visibility to processes, and enhances efficiency.
  • Integrated insights / HR analytics: Organizations can gain actionable insights into their HR processes through MyNest HR analytics and dashboards. These help track key performance indicators and provide insights to manage processes and achieve organizational goals and objectives. It analyzes employee feedback and provides information about the effectiveness of HR policies. It helps organizations track key HR metrics such as attrition, quality of hire, and workforce productivity.
  • Multi-channel access: MyNest enables employees to access functionalities through multiple channels including desktops, mobiles and smart devices. It provides access to services virtually from home, office or on the move. It adds to employee experience, improves productivity, and reduces process turnaround time.

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