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Brands and large retailers spend a lot of money on in-store promotional programs to generate demand for their products in an ultra-competitive market. Monitoring such spend and ensuring promotions are properly executed is an everyday challenge for brands. While in-store visual merchandising audits are conducted by brands and retailers, labor costs associated with this are high. Delay in getting field data limits the brand’s ability to take necessary and timely market corrections. TradeEdge ‘Merchandising and Audit Tools’ bring a unique set of tools and services that deliver highly differentiated insights to brands, so they can better manage promotional and merchandising spend.


Consumer Connect (formerly ShoppingTrip360)
  • Visibility into shopper behavior, interest and cart paths, by creating an active and aware environment through an in-store network of wireless sensors
  • Real world awareness in a brick-and-mortar store at the same level of granularity as click-stream analysis on websites, by transforming it into a measurable marketing medium
  • Real-time collaboration between people (shoppers), places (retailers), and products (brands) to influence the shopper’s buying decision through context-specific delivery of content
  • Intelligent shelves to achieve higher shelf throughput for better execution of promotional events
Asset Quality Tracking
  • Wireless sensor-based trackers to monitor the temperature of product cooler units (Visi Cooler) periodically
  • GPS technology to track the location of product cooler units


  • Gauge effectiveness of brands’ merchandising, marketing, and promotional strategies
  • Discern impulse for sale by measuring item performance and conversion ratio based on shopper interest versus actual sales
  • Reduce shelf-level stock outs and maintain fill rates on promotional and high-velocity items cost-effectively
  • Gather inputs to redesign store planogram based on shopper paths, concentration, and category-affinity in the retail store
  • Ensure temperature-sensitive products are stored the right way

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