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  • Infosys Trends 2014 - Trends in Big Data | Infographic


  • Big data will compel us to rethink information management in 2014

    The boundaries of the data universe are expanding to accommodate information of every type, format and source known to man and machine, which according to one estimate amounts to 3.6 zettabytes. From “some” structured data, our focus is shifting steadily to “all” data – structured and unstructured. And yet a humongous segment of this unstructured data – rather vividly labeled dark data – goes unanalyzed. In just the last year and a half, almost two-thirds of enterprise leaders I’ve talked to said that they had more than a few unstructured data stores lying under-analyzed or even unanalyzed, and more than a quarter said they had several. A growing desire among companies to understand big data is driving them to take a fresh look at their data and ways in which they store, manage and analyze it. This is indicative of a progression in the big data evolution from “what and why” to “how and now.”

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  • Trendspotter: Vishnu Bhat
    Senior Vice President and Global Head – Cloud and Big Data, Infosys

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