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  • Infosys Trends 2014 - Trends in Cloud | Infographic


  • In 2014, the road to cloud is a fast lane

    The enterprise cloud has begun its transition to the fast lane. In the last 18 months, drawing from several CXO conversations, I clearly see at least an average 10% increase in the number of enterprises using at least one cloud platform. The cloud is also increasingly seen as the next evolutionary step in IT services delivery, with more than half of enterprises worldwide integrating cloud budgets into overall IT spends, as opposed to treating it as a parallel project. Another sign of enterprise cloud maturity is that scalability, resilience, agility, speed-to-market and ability to innovate, rather than only cost, are clearly the key drivers of adoption.

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  • Trendspotter: Vishnu Bhat
    Senior Vice President and Global Head – Cloud and Big Data, Infosys

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