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  • Infosys Trends 2014 - Engineering Services | Infographic


  • Why engineering synergy is important to your enterprise in 2014

    The quest to stay relevant in a tech-savvy market, driven by engineering efficiency and heightened end-user value demands, has caused a paradigm shift in product development. Engineering disciplines like mechanical, electronics, communications and software design are now being integrated more than ever before. Products that were primarily physical are becoming more virtualized, across the spectrum – from virtual wallets to software-defined networks. On the other hand, the Internet is getting physically extended, with billions of connected devices coming on board. In keeping with this overarching trend, core industries are rapidly adopting software products to differentiate themselves, while software-based industries are embracing physical systems to remain relevant and competitive. We believe companies that leverage the right blend of mechanical / embedded software in their products to attain maximized user value and experience will gain a definite edge in 2014 and beyond.

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  • Trendspotter: Sudip Singh
    Vice President and Head – Engineering Services, Infosys

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