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Responsive not enough, adaptive is imperative

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  • Infosys Trends 2014 - Trends in Retail Industry | Infographic


  • #RethinkRetail: In 2014, responsive is out, adaptive is in

    Forget “instant.” Forget “anytime, anywhere.” Ignore any other buzzword of the season. “Adaptive” is the mantra that will bring retailers success in 2014 and beyond. Why? The rapid pace of change in technology and consumer buying habits means that trends shift at an almost “blink and miss” pace – what was sensational yesterday is standard today and will become passé tomorrow.

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Infosys Trends 2014 - Retail Slide 1 Infosys Trends 2014 - Retail Slide 2 Infosys Trends 2014 - Retail Slide 3 Infosys Trends 2014 - Retail Slide 4
  • Audio summary
    Trendspotter: Madhu Janardan
    Vice President, Retail, CPG, Logistics & Life Sciences, Infosys

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