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Infosys Opinions Journal: Advanced User Experience (UX) Design

Infosys presents the first edition of Infosys Opinions – a quarterly journal in which Infosys experts discuss red-hot technologies and trends that can enable enterprise like yours to enhance operations and improve user adoption, while helping realize superior business value.

In this first edition of Infosys Opinions, Infosys experts discuss their experience and research in the field of advanced user experience (UX) design – a field of technology that has moved from our backroom to the boardroom.

The end users’ experience with your IT applications will determine how productive they can be with these applications and how they adopt and, ultimately, do advocacy for such applications.

Improving experience for end users of your IT applications can have a profound impact on business. This edition of Infosys Opinions carries seven thought papers that illustrate the impact of user experience across industries and serve as compelling evidence around how businesses can employ user experience as a tool to leverage their IT applications and meet business objectives.

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