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Infosys helps AstraZeneca meet priorities in application outsourcing

Sam Covell, Head of IS Procurement at AstraZeneca, discusses about AstraZeneca's ever-growing relationship with Infosys, including how Infosys handles application maintenance for the company.

AstraZeneca is a leading global pharmaceutical company with a turnover in excess of US$33 billion (annually) and operations in over 100 countries. Over the past seven years, AstraZeneca's relationship with Infosys has grown from just outsourcing ERP implementation to Infosys handling their application maintenance and middleware systems.

Sam Covell discusses the unique ability of Infosys to 'collaborate', which has helped Infosys understand AstraZeneca’s requirements and deliver value by enabling AstraZeneca achieve their priorities.

Sam Covell refers to Infosys as a very strong technical organization with great delivery. She also discusses how both AstraZeneca and Infosys are working together to land greater innovation in the areas of regulatory compliance and sourcing.

Infosys, with its uniqueness and operational excellence, helps AstraZeneca meet priorities in application outsourcing

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