Independent Validation and Testing Services


Independent Validation and Testing services

Testing has evolved from end-of-life activity to mainstream activity with projections of it becoming a $25 billion business in 2018. Based on recent research, analysts predict that the QA budgets, as a certain percentage of IT, will reach as high as 29 percent by 2017. CIOs have higher expectation about business assurance of applications and products with emphasis on reliability, high resilience, and predictability. With the ubiquity of apps, there is an increased focus on availability of systems, user experience, security, and the need for a business assurance partner.

Independent Validation Services (IVS) is transforming itself to become the best QA partner, bringing innovation and business value in everything we do. As the Testing segment experiences a paradigm shift, IVS will focus on supporting and driving business assurance.

Enable digitization of the enterprise

Enable digitization of the enterprise – The pervasiveness of apps and vast proliferation of social channels is generating huge amounts of data, fuelling digital transformation. Infosys is a potential QA partner capable of bringing a holistic approach and helping you deliver a unique omni-channel experience.

Compliance and risk management

Compliance and risk management – Enterprises need a stronger compliance culture across their process, regulatory, and business landscapes. Infosys offers comprehensive industry-specific solutions with pre-packaged business scenarios that cater to regulations and help speed up testing. Our testing maturity frameworks and executive reporting dashboards help identify compliance gaps and deliver business assurance.

Man-machine intuitions

Man-machine intuitions – With shifts in technology, applications become more fluid and are delivered faster, which means leaner development and testing. Our investments in the areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence enable applications to deliver extreme automation with self-learning capabilities.

Enable and orchestrate ecosystem

Enable and orchestrate ecosystem – As a holistic QA partner, Infosys provides integrated assurance and drives transformation across the enterprise. From business case preparation to post-production customer sentiment analysis, it collaborates with various enterprise entities and successfully delivers shift-left strategies, upstream quality focus, enterprise test data management, and non-production environment management.

Infosys key offerings include

Independent Validation and Testing services

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